Bright future before the agriculture and the crafts

FairDeal gives every farmer and craftsman a chance to easily register and offer their products to a very wide audience via the Internet.

Opportunity for advertising and development

FairDeal will help small and medium businesses expand their contacts, promote their production quickly and easily.

Free to use for the business

FairDeal will be free to use by farmers and craftsmen for the duration of the project.

Better connection between provider and customer

FairDeal will place the unique agricultural and craft products on both sides of the Danube in the focus of attention of the end user, the relationship between supplier and customer will be shortened.

About the FairDeal Innovative Network:

An innovative network of virtual shops for agricultural and craft products

The innovative FairDeal Virtual Platform gives an excellent opportunity for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the territory of each municipality in the cross-border region Bulgaria – Romania.

The project will lead to employment promotion, to the creation of new jobs – by expanding the productivity of small and medium-sized businesses, and hence reducing unemployment. FairDeal also provides an alternative for people looking for home or part-time jobs, as well as for workers who want to change their business.

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Leading organization Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and partners – Dimany Association (Romania) (DA), Bilateral Romanian Chamber of Commerce (Bulgaria) (BCCBR) and Marin Sorescu National Theater – Craiova (Romania).


Through the Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Program 2014-2020, under Priority Axis 4 – “A Qualifying and Inclusive Region”.


The project brings together communities across the border region through joint development and innovative online marketing solutions for local agricultural and craft products.


Stimulating entrepreneurship of small and medium-sized businesses in the cross-border region through innovative marketing of local agricultural and craft products and services.

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Participants in the innovative network

About the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo

A dynamic and modern European city

Culture and tourism

Veliko Tarnovo – the old capital of Bulgaria

European projects

European development of Veliko Tarnovo.


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About the Municipality and the City

Veliko Tarnovo – the ancient capital of Bulgaria, preserved over the centuries unique monuments of Bulgarian culture
Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo – attractive center for tourists and investors, becoming a European town with a rich history, but looking at the innovative future
Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo – an active participant in projects for preservation and improvement of the urban and business environment; development of modern educational infrastructure and social support.
Business climate of the municipality – advanced agriculture, predominantly private and co-owned property and rapidly developing tourism industry.
Partner partnerships of the municipality – established partnerships with numerous cities both in the Balkans and in Europe, as well as in the world – Venezuela, Morocco, Jordan and others.